A Poem by Ed Fitzpatrick

Ode to FLABhood

He came from east of the pond
Without fanfare or common bond.
He practiced his multitude of talents
Expert at all especially his physical balance.

A minim at the start
He was a magnificent creator of art.
A graduate just before a man named Knute
He felt a calling toward a different pursuit.

As Rector of Sophomore dorm
He practiced his faith in a different form.
A priest unique in his service to the Lord
He was his own disciplinary board.

Declared fourth of all in strength
Prodigious feats at full arm’s length
To Gipp he was a casual friend
But fellow priests’ contumely would never end.

A National Championship in fifty-three
He was the first real strength coach in history.
A true mentor and teacher to his “boys”
The implements they used were never toys.

Always there until four-thirty
His guidance was spot on but never wordy.
Billy and Bobby had full run of his space
To them a formal yet crowded dining place.

So who were the beneficiaries of his largess
Who many years later would think and confess
That Father Lange’s true felt joys
Would be his belief that “Boys will be Boys”

Forty years after forty years after his record lift
Doctor Gill presented a group of “His Boys” a wonderful gift.
The chance to recall and unite in a commons cause
To gain a University’s consent to formal applause.

A plaque was created and blessed in a special place
Where a dedication to BHB’s tenets was given ample space.
The last to train in his “Fr. Lange’s ND Gym”
Father Lange’s Alumni Board was formed to honor him.

So who are these FLABBERS who honor him
For his invitation to train in his special gym?
Doctors, businessmen, nutritionists and crossfit trainers
Not to mention bankers and Highland Games Champion strainers.

MacDurso, Worm, Northernlight, Murph and Lurch,
Debennydetioettio, George, i.e. Tim and George “Mike” of the Congressional church
Saracino, Martin, JED, Vogel and Jeeziorgski
And of course, Mad Dog, Deealton and the poet, Fast Eddie.

FLABathlon contenders some would say
But dedicated lifters in an earlier day
These are the remaining keepers of the flame
Upon whom was bestowed the FLABhood name.