Champions For Today

By Mike McCoy

I remember as a freshman (1966) sneaking over to Fr.Lange’s gym because Ara
did not want us to go there. He gruffly yelled at us and proceeded to tell some
great stories. He had one rule and if you broke it he would grab you by your
balls, as he explained.

I tried the bench press and had trouble with 215 lbs! My last year in the NFL
(1980) when I was with Giants I benched 275 lbs. 26 times!

When Fr. Lang was losing his sight he asked me many times to help him with
dumbbell press. If my memory serves me he did 85lbs in each hand like it was
nothing and he had to be at least 80!

I have an old tee shirt that says “snatch club!” I think I still
have it and will try to photograph it and scan and send it to you.

I wish I would have been more of a regular lifter but there was some guy named
Burgner who had a lot of muscles and any time he got hurt (which was not
often) Ara would say “see he lifts those weights! But maybe it was all
economic homework I had!