First Installment

Re: First Installment

Postby paulgill » 19 Jul 2010 0927


I think the speech was from Amistad.

Here is a new quiz:

1. Name the American hurdler who bombed in the 1948 Olympic 110-meter hurdles trials, but earned the 3rd spot in the 100 meter sprint, and then went on to win the Olympic gold in WR time in that event.

2. This British army officer, who later went on to become the 6th president of Israel, identified a captured German soldier as Heinrich Himmler.

3. Name the future US president Knute Rockne defeated in the boxing ring before he started at Notre Dame.

4. Who was Captain Ahab's mate?

5. What novel opens with these lines? "All happy families are alike; all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way."

6. Bucephalus was the name of:
a. Julius Caesar's top general.
b. A winged horse.
c. Odysseus' son.
d. Alexander the Great's horse.

7. What item is placed under the base of a mast for good luck?
a. a rabbit's foot.
b. a 4-leaf clover
c. a coin
d. a seagull feather

8. Name the country US civil war general Thomas Meagher lived in before emigrating to the United States.

9. Dun Aengus is:
a. a Scotch whiskey
b. a prized Irish beef cattle
c. an ancient stone fort on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands
d. the Celtic warrior who defeated the Picts in Scotland.

10. What do Dublin, Waterford and Limerick have in common?
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Re: First Installment

Postby monk » 19 Jul 2010 0927


Here are my answers to Samson Gill's quiz. Note that the correct answers were not always listed under the possible answer choices.

1. Helen Keller

2. That would be the first multi-cultural head of state:
LeRoy Proud Eagle "Bubba" Farnsworth-Feinberg.

3. Hillary Clinton

4. Bubbles LaTush

5. The Cleveland Archepelago

6. (should be answer choice (e)) -- Something I caught in Tijuana, in 1963.

7. Depends on the number of masts on the ship. If only one -- a life preserver. If more than
one -- a case of Bushmill's under each mast. If none of the aforementioned, then it's Mad Dog's jock.

8. New Jersey (Hey, gotta be. I copied it straight from Jan D's answer sheet.)

9. There is a misspelling -- it should be Dun Angus (meaning a big cow who duns people). The correct answer is: My ex-wife

10. They were each conquered by a separate Norseman. Their names were Larry, Mo, and Curly.
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Re: First Installment

Postby edfitzpatrick » 19 Jul 2010 0927

Mr. Gill is correct, two dialogue I quoted was from the movie Amistad and the actor in question is Sir Anthony Hopkins who was playing the part of John Quincy Adams as he defended a group of illegally retained Africans in front of the US Supreme Court.

You see the Mende believe they can "call to the past, to the beginning of time, and beg them to come and help me at the judgment. I will reach back and draw them into me and they must come, for at this moment, I am the whole reason they have existed at all.?

"James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington....John Adams. We've long resisted asking you for guidance. Perhaps we have feared in doing so, we might acknowledge that our individuality, which we so, so revere, is not entirely our own. Perhaps we've feared appeal to you might be taken for weakness. But we've come to understand, finally,, that this is not so. We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding..that who we are, "is" who we were. We desperately need your strength and wisdome to triumph over our fears. our prejudices, ourselves. Give us the courage to do what is right. And if it means civil war, then let it come. And when it does, may it be, finally, the last battle of the American Revolution,"
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Re: First Installment

Postby ironman » 20 Jul 2010 0927


ed: i need to get out more and see more movies

paul: your quiz is a ball buster, i cannot pass; feel good only about four or five

as follows:
1.? Ewell
2. herzog
3. teddy roosevelt
4. starbuck (white chocolate mocha)
5. ? you mean there is a book i haven't read?
6. d, alexander's great horse
7. coin
8. ireland
9. c, a dun is an ancient fort
10. no clue, that is, so many; monk may be close here, all founded by vikings?
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Re: First Installment

Postby edfitzpatrick » 20 Jul 2010 0927

Okay, here are my guesses

1) Dillard
2) Dyan
3) Eisenhower
4) Starbuck, who's son refused to go to sea so brewed coffee instead
5) The autobiography of the Fonz
6) Alexander's horse - I remember it from the movie, I think, or maybe Durso's answer
7)coin with the picture of rabbit's foot on the obverse and a four leaf clover on the reverse
8) Ireland, of course
9) an ancient fort, of course
10) They are all located in Ireland.
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Re: First Installment

Postby paulgill » 21 Jul 2010 0927


I know you have been waiting with bated breath for my evaluation of your performances on the quiz. Here they are:

Monk: I assume you were under the influence of Highland Park Scotch whiskey when you submitted your answers. Now, your ex-wife may well be a dunning cow, and you may have picked up a social disease in Tijuana in '63, but your answers, with the exception of number 10, were quite wide of the mark. You correctly named the ethnic group that was involved in these Irish cities, but the specific individuals named were, if I am not mistaken, members of a more ancient race.

Kent: Despite whining about the quiz being a "ballbuster," you did quite well, getting 6 out of ten correct. You did not get the two sports-related questions, much to my surprise, and to my even greater bewilderment, you whiffed on the famous opening lines. Let me help you: they are from a novel whose title contains a woman's name. And said title character met a rather gruesome end. Also, while Thomas Francis Meagher was born in Ireland, he was exiled by the Brits to ___ _____ ____, now known as ______, from whence he escaped, with the aid of some of his former political bretheren, and made his way to the US in time to participate in the Civil War.

Ed: You are Kent's equal, at least so far as can be determined by this limited survey. You, sir, need to re-do numbers 2, 5, 7 (see above paragraph) and 10.
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Re: First Installment

Postby monk » 21 Jul 2010 0927

I demand a re-grading. If this quiz would have had been in Fr. Brennan's class, I would've gotten at least a B. If I had been in Jake Klein's class, I would've aced it, even if I didn't turn it in.
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Re: First Installment

Postby ironman » 22 Jul 2010 0927

paul - the great russian novels are a huge pain in the ass

which brings me to my weakness--i can remember the words to every fifties song i ever liked, but only the ones i liked, having wiped my brain clear of the ones i didn't

same goes for tolstoy; remember what woody allen said in his parody LOVE AND DEATH: "never mind that Raskolnikov, he's an idiot."

nice clues though, how about new south wales and australia?
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Re: First Installment

Postby paulgill » 22 Jul 2010 0927


Woody Allen is confusing two Dostoevsky characters from two different novels. Raskalnikov, who thought himself Superman, killed the old woman with an axe.

Meagher was exiled to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) by the Brits. He escaped (a great story in itself), was a mediocre Union (political) general, and disappeared from a Missouri River steamboat after the war. Suicide?

Your turn to serve up a quizz.

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Re: First Installment

Postby edfitzpatrick » 23 Jul 2010 0927

This looks like a serious competition beginning to take root amongst those FLABALAMADINGDONGS who pride themselves on academic pursuits. Well, I hold that the study of the history of major league baseball is such a pursuit, so I might just have to breakout the trivia. For example, as Notre Dame matriculators, one of you might be able to tell me the name of the individual, who attended Notre Dame at about the same time as Father Lange was climbing the Golden Dome, and who, because of his heritage and athletic talent, was considered the primary reason why the Cleveland ball club of the American League changed its nickname to the " Indians".

Good luck, you have 60 seconds.

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