fr lange's spare tire

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fr lange's spare tire

Postby ironman » 02 Apr 2010 0927

jrr tolkien had his middle earth, and fr lange had his middle girth, and i am working on increasing mine but in exchange for a fifth of jack daniels, i have taken ownership of what i proudly refer to as "fr lange's spare tire" -- a used goodyear 20.5r25 tire, which you boys will instantly recognize as one of those big sonsabitches that they run on earthmovers and skidloaders.

this bad boy weighs an estimated 500lbs; the tire guy in nashville who gave it to me says they weigh 580 new, but mine has about 50% treadwear, so in his expert opinion that lowers the poundage by about 80lbs. if you have never had your hands on 500lbs of rubber, it is an experience. the thing is SOLID, and has a presence; i swear it laughed at me. mr tireman used a hydraulic lift to get it out from the middle of the pile behind the tire store, plopped it on the ground, and then dared me to pick it up and flip it.

now, normally i wouldn't even try, no knee wraps, no arm bands, no belt. but i did have my sunglasses and notre dame windbreaker on and that proved to be enough; i got under that big ol' thing, grabbed some of that remaining tread, pushed forward and up and up she came (remember how fr lange used to say "up she goes!" before you tried a big lift?) and i got my knee up under it and then hitched it up and dipped down and got my chest and arms under the weight and pushed it over --THUMP!!

it now rests in my training yard, and waits for me to take another shot.

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