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Blue-Gold Weekend 2010

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2010 0927
by paulgill
Fr.Lange's plaque will be placed on the wall of the strength and conditioning complex in the Gug. It will be blessed at noon on April 24. All Fr.Lange "boys" and members of the Lange family are invited to attend the Notre Dame Monogram Club annual dinner at the Joyce ACC Saturday evening. For more information, email me at

Re: Blue-Gold Weekend 2010

PostPosted: 27 May 2010 0927
by slimjim
we need a big turnout, if only to match the lange family attending. i can confirm that "the Shadow", the secretive Clint Garber, will attend. i have also sent event info to mike gerrity, the very good lifter who was a frosh on the 66-67 competitive team.

after the health care bombast of the last few days, we will need some serious elbow bending to flush any remaining animosities.

hope to see you there--