The Drill

The Drill

Postby paulgill » 03 Aug 2010 0927


Let's use this forum to post information and questions about upcoming Fr.Lange reunions. This should be the go-to place for information about lodging, travel plans, who plans to attend, football tickets, etc. I'll set up a sub-forum for each reunion so guys can post their thoughts, recollections, etc. about a reunion they attended. I'd encourage you to post photos on the site, but usually when I try to do so the photo comes out way to big, or too small. Alternatively, you can post a link to an online site (Kodak, Flickr, Snapfish, etc.) where you have posted photos.

All this is by way of trying to organize our group a little better. I guess it's like trying to herd cats, but I am trying!

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Re: The Drill

Postby slimjim » 17 Mar 2010 0927

paul - found it

the proper forum i mean

i have US National Masters WL meet in April, when is reunion/game?

what ceremony is planned? who has his hands on the plaque? do we owe any more money on it?

how many complex sentences should i write, assuming lack of interest in bulletized phraseology?

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