fr lange memorial dumbbell press contest

fr lange memorial dumbbell press contest

Postby geezerpower » 02 Apr 2010 0927

sirs - see the following

Fr Lange Memorial 70lb Dumbbells Press Contest, Redux

Held in Conjunction with the Blue Gold Game/Fr Lange Dedication April 2010

Official Rules of Engagement (Endorsed by unanimous vote of FLAB Athletic Committee)

Weigh-in (waived due to unavailability of grain elevator scales required to measure durso's bulk).

Start Time: five minutes after we all decide to give it hell one time.

Entries close: see immediately above.

Equipment: Fr Lange's Jackson Barbell Co. cast iron 70lb dumbbells, restored to their original kelly green.

Lift: dumbbells to be cleaned simultaneously from the ground to the shoulder in one move; press either together or alternate. Total number of presses of both dumbbells wins. If alternate style is used, the count will be "one, one, two, two" whereas "two, one" is counted only as one rep. Jerking, although increasingly socially acceptable in these liberal times, is not permitted. 200 reps with a rubber expander does not qualify either.

Handicap: any lifter with torn rotator cuffs, ruptured biceps, ripped left quad, four horses, a swimming hole in the South Harpeth River and scraggly grey beard will automatically be spotted one extra rep and a free glass of scotch.

Protests: reviewed by the FLAB Athletic Committee and ruled expeditiously, on site. No waiting.

Early favorite: Dalton (the little sob has been working out! imagine that!)

Requirements for membership in the FLAB Athletic Committee: torn rotator cuffs, ruptured biceps and ripped left quad, four horses, a swimming hole and a scraggly grey beard.

These rules are being promulgated early to obviate any misunderstandings, misapprehensions or charges of right wing bigotry.

Re: fr lange memorial dumbbell press contest

Postby paulgill » 02 Apr 2010 0927

Alternative lift for those who have had 4 or more shoulder surgeries* for rotator cuff injuries and/or a-c joint arthritis: seated incline bench or supine bench press. Handicap will be determined by the FLAB athletic committee.

* I was castigated by Dr.Carter Rowe at Mass. Gen. Hospital in 1981 for persisting in doing bench presses and overhead presses. "It's like grinding your teeth, son." He fixed my shoulder and I gave up standing and incline presses, but have done several tens of thousands of bench press reps since that time.
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Re: fr lange memorial dumbbell press contest

Postby monk » 27 May 2010 0927


Let me second what Samson Gill says about overhead pressing. I had the surgically excised distal clavicle done on my right side in '86. Five year ago, Dr. Bob Clemency of South Bend Orthopedics diagnosed that shoulder as having calcific tendinits and arthritis. He put it this way (and understand he was a hockey player at ND, is the hockey team physician, and speaks w/o mincing words): "Dummy, I don't want you to do any more lifts where your hand/arm goes above the level of your shoulder. Think of it this way: It's like a tire. You are born with 50,000 miles of tread. You already used 40,000 miles of it. Use the rest wisely, or I'll have to replace your shoulder. OK to PULL DOWN, but NOT PRESS UP", so I can do behind-the neck lat pulldowns, seated lateral bench presses, shrugs, side lateral raises, no prob'. He's the guy who did my hip replacement last October (it's 98 percent back to normal, guys). Wonder what he replaced it with? Every time I go into the Sacred Heart Basilica and try to genuflect, my right shoulder bends 90 degrees....


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