Trivia circus

Trivia circus

Postby paulgill » 28 Jul 2010 0927

OK, guys, let's see how smart you are. Anyone answering 7 or more of the following questions correctly gets to buy the first round of beers at Legends next October:
1. In what city was Rudolf Diesel born?
2. Where is Rudolf Diesel buried?
3. Vercingetorix was:
a. Julius Caesar's horse
b. Phillip the Great's horse
c. Attilla the Hun's horse
d. A Gallic chieftan who led a rebellion against Julius Caesar
4. What do Keith Jackson, Jonathan Winters, the Everly brothers, and James Carville have in common?
5. Who was Alexander the Great's tutor?
6. Who was Alexander the Great's tutor's tutor?
7. Cu Chulain was the name of:
a. Mao Tse Tung's aide de camp
b. Thor's hound
c. The Irish Achilles
d. The Irish King Arthur
8. Who won the first gold medal in the modern Olympics in 1896 (he was my grandfather's cousin).
9. What did St. Lawrence say to his Roman executioners as he was being roasted on a gridiron?
10. Which US President was not born in the United States?
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Re: Trivia circus

Postby ironman » 28 Jul 2010 0927

ok paul here we go , from the hip:

1. and 2. i whiff?? i honestly don't know this but something perverse tells me such an obviously german guy was probably from france, or luxembourg; god knows where he's buried.
3. d, gallic chieftain; he was captured and ultimately paraded through rome, finally begged to be killed.
4. whiff?? again, not a clue, but when in doubt, pick ireland; ok, they all have irish grandmothers.
5. aristotle
6. plato
7. cuchulainn is an irish demi-god, son of Lugh the Longhand, and the simile with achilles is good, as far as it goes; his real name was Setanta, and he slew the great hound of culainn, at a tender young age and offered to take its place. he held off the entire armies of munster by himself, and carried the deadly Gai Bulga, a spear with nine heads.

like thor's hammer, the Gai Bulga came back to Cuchulainn after being thrown. His story is intertwined with the irish Tain Bo Culaigne, an attempt to conquer Ulster and steal the great Bull of Cooley, the Donn.

Its important to mention here, that this greatest of Irish heroes gets his training in the arts of war where else? but in Scotland from an old Scots woman named Scathach, who knew the secret ways of killing, and no man could stand against her.

let that be a lesson to you.

8.whiff?? another goddam irishman, i'll bet. probably a field guy, as in track and...
9. The nuns told me it was something like "Turn me over, i am done on this side."
10. Andy Jackson
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Re: Trivia circus

Postby edfitzpatrick » 28 Jul 2010 0927

I have answers for 1, 2, 4 and 10. Mr. Durso took care of most of the others except 8 and 9.

Diesel was born in France, as Ironman thought. Paris, France
Diesel was not buried, the fish of the sea ate him

Keith Jackson, Johnathon Winters, the Everly Brothers, James Carville, John Basilone and Mad Dog were all marines.

The following US Presidents were not born in the United States of America:
George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor

The US Constitution prohibits the election of anyone not born a native of United States of America as President. The above list of Presidents were not born in the United States of America because they were born prior to 1788
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Re: Trivia circus

Postby paulgill » 28 Jul 2010 0927

Ed and Kent:

You guys are good! I am in awe of your erudition.

The one you didn't get, winner of the first Olympic gold medal of the modern games, was James Connolly of Boston. His parents came from the Aran Islands, as did my great-great and great-grandfathers. My great-great-great grandmother was a Connolly, and there is the connection. I actually spent a good bit of time researching the life of James Connolly, who was also a writer of sea stories, and intended to write his biography. However, my aunt told me that he was pretty arrogant and treated my grandfather rather shabbily, so I deep-sixed that project. If you are wondering where that first Olympic gold medal is, it is in a cardboard box in the research stacks of Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Connolly was a Harvard guy, but he gave all his papers to Colby. It was awesome to hold that medal in my hands, but it made me sad to think that Colby couldn't think of some way to put it on display. What I treasured even more was first-edition copies of White Fang and The Call of the Wild inscribed to JC by Jack London that were in the Connolly collection. I am a big-time fan of Jack London, and he had some nice words for my distant cousin.

Any way, time for one of you polymaths to put out an obscure cultural quiz.

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