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Postby paulgill » 24 Jan 2010 0927

Loved the story, but there was no mention of the long water trough on the far side of the room from the entrance - maybe another weight-lifting room back in 1959-'63. I didn't work out much, didn't remember "Joining" his club and if I did, I don't believe I paid any dues, but was there several times off and on during my 4 yrs. Well, this water trough had ice-cold water running thru it and I finally noticed one time that down at the bottom of the trough were beer bottles. As I looked in amazement at my discovery, I then looked up and sure enough, Fr. Lange was staring right at me - I guess wondering if I had the guts and stupidity to reach down and grab one of those precious bottles.
I gulped and of course, didn't even think of reaching down - actually became somewhat embarrassed that I was standing there noticing what was obviously an area "off limits" to all but him and his peer buddies.
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