The Tradition continues

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The Tradition continues

Postby ironman » 27 Sep 2010 0927

Notice: To Whom It May Concern--

The competitive Olympic weightlifting tradition of the University of Notre Dame, under the tutelage of Fr Lange, CSC, which began in the 1930s, continues even in these latter days.

Jan "the Slinger" DeBenedetto totaled 169 kilos in the 94k class at Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY this past weekend, taking the Best Master Lifter trophy as well. Way to go Jan!!

On Sep 19, Kent "Old Lard" Durso totaled 187kilos taking third in the heavyweight class at East Tennessee University Open Meet in Johnson City. Nice effort, Tubby!!

Let's hear it for these two stalwarts who refuse to recognize their infirmities and suffer the ravages of time without a struggle.

Hooray!! thank you. you're welcome. Old Lifters never die, they just lift a lot less.
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Re: The Tradition continues

Postby paulgill » 27 Sep 2010 0927

You grizzled veterans of the iron game are carrying the standard for the rest of us arthritic, weak, flabby has-beens. Reverence your efforts to carry on in the spirit of Fr.Lange.

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