humbling, if not actually humiliating

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humbling, if not actually humiliating

Postby ironman » 21 Sep 2010 0927

all right boys, here it is--the results of the first weightlifting meet in 35 years for the geezer of power, yours truly

snatch 77, 82, 85kilos: done very roughly and with practically no split

jerk 102, missed 105kilos while hitting myself in the chin with the bar; easy power clean to chest, but cannot rack the damn thing properly, have to hold it in my hands and jerk it

total 187kilos

qualified for american masters championships in york, pa on nov 7

i drove five hours over to johnson city, tn and lifted the next day at east tenn state u, the minidome, brilliant new platform, nice venue, good judging, about 30 lifters.

i took third in the heavyweight class.

i sucked.

but i wore my fr lange shirt very proudly.

if i can convince jan debenedetto to enter york meet, and if burgener can help get fr langes' nd gym registered with usaw as a viable club, the visage of fr lange will reign once more on the lifting platform.

i assure you all, i will not suck a second time.
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Re: humbling, if not actually humiliating

Postby timgeorge » 22 Sep 2010 0927

Still very impressive, Kent. Maybe we can't go home again but what sweet memories there are in trying...
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Re: humbling, if not actually humiliating

Postby ironman » 22 Sep 2010 0927

tim you are a gentleman and a scholar, many thanks; yes, the merest taste of the competitive situation, shiny new bars, the immaculate platform, the brunette in the third row,--just kidding.

i was the geezer in residence, nearest guy was 50; the two fellows who beat me together did not add up in years to my age; still that's not an excuse, just a reason.

i seem to have lost the ability to dive under the weight and land in the squat; and my shoulders will just not rotate into a good rack position, so its the split for me now.

if i can break 200 kilos at york in nov, i will be moderately satisfied.

ps don't tell burgener
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