REunion Redux

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REunion Redux

Postby ironman » 01 Jul 2010 0927

Langestinos--i am hearing the rumblings of the coming reunion redux, i.e., Reunion 2 in south bend for the Washington game on or about Oct 3-4. i have commited to dr gill that i am attending, so who(m) else is? i am informed that blind kettlbell ervin is going, and we are in direct and harmonious communication in the key of E, as is our fiscal manager, eddie fitz; also the esteemed george kelley is rumored, and i thought i saw a yes emitting from the bank vault in rural illinois (the mighty quinn); so who else is stepping up? how about the 92kg Italian stallion, Jan "the Snatcher" debenedetto?? we know, regrettably, that coach broogner is not available, but i have heard no other direct declinations. i assume monk is accessible, and will check in with him soon; so let's have it----
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Re: REunion Redux

Postby paulgill » 02 Jul 2010 0927


To my knowledge, the following Loyal Boys of Fr.Lange will be in attendance (let the SBPD and the Indiana National Guard take heed):

Paul Gill Jr.
Paul Gill III
Mike Murphy
Jan Debenedetto
Ray Munchmeyer
Bob Spadaro
Fast Eddie Fitzpatrick
George Kelly (?)
Mike McCoy (?)
Mark Vogel (?)
Steve Quinn (?)
John Lium
Mike Heaton

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Re: REunion Redux

Postby ironman » 02 Jul 2010 0927

..excellent!! San Dimas High School Football rules!!!!!
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Re: REunion Redux

Postby monk » 02 Jul 2010 0927


I will once again be happy to use the Chateaux as the base for Reunion 2.

I noticed Paul Gill Jr. and Paul Gill III as attendees. Geez, does that mean we should expect a Julie Baby Jr. and Julie Baby III?

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