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fr lange breakfast guy

Postby ironman » 23 Apr 2010 0927


sirs - not sure you all know about this; those of us Flabinos who went to the pancake house sunday for breakfast ran into a guy who said he used to lift at the gym when he was there; said he graduated in 62, and he was a big fellow with two large sons and possibly their kids in tow; he took notice of the snatch club shirt i had on from mike bruggennnnnnnnnner, and laughed, pointed to it for his sons and said "look at the nice double entendre.."; he said he used to go to the gym "and get very scared", and seemed like a pretty upright guy.

i gave him a card, i think one of ed's, with the website on it; we may hear from him

d'alton and fast eddie got wrapped up in a financial discussion, the doctors talked shop, tim did not eat anything, i was very quiet but the waitress kept bothering me..

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