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I'm dealing with not a small amount of post-partum depression on the back end of our reunion.

I want to thank each and every one of you, again, for coming, for your brotherhood, your love, your memories...

Of Ricky D' pimping Ironman with "Will you stop talking when I'm trying to interrupt you."

Of Jed Irvin and Ironman making the sweet blues music. You guys are GOOD!!!

Of Fast Eddie telling one of the funniest ethnic jokes I've ever heard.

Of "Joizy Jan" and my Warrior Bro' Mike Murphy both displaying their abundant knowledge and concern over my questions of what to do about my shoulder and hip.

Of Samson Gill bursting with pride when we praised Deirdre for her abundant artistic talents on our behalf.

Of Big Steve Quinn proudly displaying the bruises on his arms from the flag football game.

Of Tim George telling the funny stories about him growing up Catholic.

Of George Kelly being George Kelly.

Again, lads, know that the Chateaux le Monk is open for you any time you're in town for any reason.

DO order the sketch from Deirdre that she did of us 8 FLABaloonies flanking Fr. Lange in our incredibly buffed bodies.

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Re: Memories

Postby ironman » 20 Apr 2010 0927

that's funny, i don't remember a thing
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