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John Lium

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2010 0927
by paulgill
When I started lifting weights:

Why I lifted weights:

My favorite lifts:

My current workout routine:

My favorite memory of Fr.Lange:

Re: John Lium

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2010 0927
by ironman
the dinks and i ran into big john again at the bookstore after mass on sunday. he was very tall.

we talked about this and that, and he said he was sorry he missed the party at the chateau, unavoidable family stuff , etc.

he did say, and we all need to hear this, that it took ten years for him and others to get the ara statue in the stadium, and they are still working on getting permission (from who, God? Hugo Chavez? the Saudis?) to bring it out onto the campus in the open air.

weird, but he said for us to work with dan saracino, himself and mike heaton to get our plaque up in the goog where he thinks it should go. he urged me not to get discouraged if our process slows down, and to keep at it with courtesy and smarts. good advice.

then he and dalton started talking in newyorkese and i couldn't make it out.