Father Lange's Gym is alive and well - in Bonsall

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Father Lange's Gym is alive and well - in Bonsall

Postby efitzpatrick@shopoff.com » 05 Aug 2010 0927

I have spent the better part of 4 hours the past 3 days in a two car garage affixed to a spacious home with great surrounding valley views - in Bonsall, California. There are no cars in the two car garage, because they wouldn't fit, what with the rubberized raised platforms, rowing machine, squat racks, kettlebells, columns of rubber encased plates, dead balls, medicine balls, a wall to wall gallery of photos (Father Lange's included), posters, lifting schedules, 1966 Notre Dame National Championship banner, recumbant stationary bike and full set of dumbells in tiered racks and much, much more. Oh, and a couple of dog beds, one of which seemingly to be constantly occupied.

And what is this place? Some refer to it as "Mike's Gym", others refer to it as an Olympic weight lifting training center. I'm certain there are those who refer to it as "MDHOP" which stands for Mad Dog's House of Pain. But I'll tell you what it really is. Those of us who were blessed with the thought and timing to walk through the entry to Father Lange's gym in Brownson Hall and come to cherish the moments spent in that crowded, dusty, sweat smelling palace know too. If you pick up a 45 lb olympic style barbell and load it with an array of rubber clad plates then prepare to snatch that sucker to full arm length above the head but first stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath, you'll know.

Absent the water filled open container of beer and the pile of peanuts waiting for Billy and Bobbie to come eat them, this place IS Father Lange's Gym. Mad Dog might not agree but I challenge anyone who experienced FL's gym to stand here and tell me there isn't some kind of connection.

So, I hereby declare that Father Lange's Gym is real and sits at 32067 Via Vera, Bonsall, CA

One difference, however. The collars on the olympic barbells at the original Father Lange's would spin quickly and easily. At the current Father Lange's they hardly turn for lack of proper maintenance.

I strongly urge you all to make a pilgramage to the current Father Lange's or perhaps consider holding a future FLAB reunion there.

Re: Father Lange's Gym is alive and well - in Bonsall

Postby slimjim » 09 Aug 2010 0927

coach burgener is the living embodiment of fr lange; mike has made it his life's work to pass on to the generations the spirit and the knowledge of the strongman priest.

we all share in that, and it increases us.

Re: Father Lange's Gym is alive and well - in Bonsall

Postby slimjim » 04 May 2010 0927

in honor of ed fitzpatrick's hegira to the modern mecca, i.e. fr lange's gym west (bonsall), i performed the following crossfit workout yesterday--

slept in til 9am, had a bowl of oatmeal and a beer for breakfast, took a short nap at 10, ate salami and provolone for lunch with a nice sangiovese red; immediately following, headed straight to the river where i paddled around on the floaties for 2 hrs sipping on ice cold michelob lagers, after which i made my back to the house for a cookout of chicken breast marinated in texas pete's, washed down with some frosty potato vodka tonics..

at 10pm i ate a bowl of popcorn and took my vitamins and went to bed

at twelve thirty, i was a bit peckish and got back up for a nice natural peanut butter and jelly sandwich on high fiber bread

this morning i slept in til 9 (repeat)

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