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Postby edfitzpatrick » 27 Jan 2010 0927


I only heard Father Lange speak about Billie so either Billie was his favorite or wouldn't put in the time demanded of him on the squat rack which frustrated FL to no end.

But speaking of squirrels, in February of 1972, Danny Saracino gave me a 10 pound bag of peanuts for campus squirrel sustanance. In late April on a warm night I had my window open to cool my second floor Brownson Hall room which had about a 14 foot high ceiling. In the attic above the ceilinig I could hear, on most nights, the scurrying of tiny feet. Well at about 1 AM I woke up to the sound of crunching about 3 feet away from me. I figured out what it was so I tiptoed to the light switch and flipped on the light to see a small squirrel attacking my bag of peanuts. It wasn't Billie or Bobbie but a smaller squirrel. So I moved toward it thinking it would climb out the open window and leave. But noooooooooooooo, it decided to race around my room. So I picked up the waste basket and outsmarted it into the container over which I placed a towel. I then carried it to the window sill where I took the towel off and tipped the basket toward the night air encouraging the critter to go out the way it came in. It came out slowly, took a look at me and jumped. I watched it spread its forearms and legs wide showing a kite like fur between the arms and legs. It glided gently to the ground and took off. That was the first time I ever saw flying squirrel. I bet you never shot one of them buggers. Ed
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Re: Fr.Lange and the Four Horsemen

Postby paulgill » 27 Jan 2010 0927

No, Ed, I never shot down a flying squirrel. It was hard enough shooting a squirrel hiding way up on a tree. They are evasive little buggers. You'd probably need a shotgun to knock down a flying squirrel. I'll stick with ruffed grouse. At least they make a ruckus when they take flight so you have a reasonable chance of hitting one if you react quickly enough. Talk about adreanline rush!

Ironman can probably tell us about hunting wild boar down there in the Southland. With a Bowie knife, no doubt.

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Re: Fr.Lange and the Four Horsemen

Postby ironman » 29 Jan 2010 0927

..all right, this is a true story

i was working as the weightroom manager of the fort meyers florida ymca, at nights making a few extra bucks while working for the county commissioners during the day. this is back in 1979-80.

i had a few rules that if you followed everything was copasetic, you know, don't drop the weights, don't use bad language, don't do curls in the power rack, etc. one of my other rules was you had to wear a shirt while lifting, as a courtesy to the other folks in training.

one night three young guys came in, big country boy types, took off their shirts and started doing benches. i wandered over friendly like, and said, fellows you gotta put your shirts back on please. why? because i said so. a tense few seconds transpire but they did, after some checking with each other silently, and in so doing i noticed one guy had a large knife strapped to his waist. i said, whats that for?

"hogs," he says, matter of factly. i said what hogs? "out in the swamps." he says. "we drive in with our trucks and when the dogs go nuts, we stop and let em out." What happens then, i said.
"we jump out and run like hell, so as to get the hog before he kills all the dogs." i said, how big is the hog typically? "300 pounds, maybe more", and then he whips out a photo showing this gigantic black feral pig with six inch fangs, called "cutters". i am impressed, and i say you shoot the hog, right? "No," and here takes out the knife, about a foot long, kind of a homemade looking thing, very nasty." No, we run in and cut his throat with this."

so i consider things a moment and say, "okay, when that lady over there leaves, you boys can take your shirts back off."
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Re: Fr.Lange and the Four Horsemen

Postby edfitzpatrick » 29 Jan 2010 0927


Gill and I are talking about squirrels, then he mentions a roughed grouse which somehow reminds him of a 300 lb. hog you might have bagged with a bowie knife. To use your word, I think the "juxtaposition" of these critters is a bit of a reach, don't you? Now am I to expect to hear from Burgener about the 800 lb gorilla he "rastled" in Fresno?

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