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Postby paulgill » 15 Apr 2010 0927


I always coveted a Fr.Lange Gym jacket, but I think Father didn't have any more to give out once I arrived in the fall of 1966. However, my Monogram jacket was a pretty good substitute. I wore it all the time, summer, spring, winter and fall (well maybe not summer) until I graduated. The ends of the sleeves are pretty worn, and the moths have munched a couple of holes in it, but I am happy to say it still fits. (I am 35# lighter than when I was a senior at ND.)

If anyone else still has a Fr.Lange jacket, I hope you bring it to the reunion.
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Re: Fr.Lange's Gym jacket

Postby ironman » 30 Apr 2010 0927 you all saw with your own eyes, the jacket exists. mine was refurbed for the reunion, and held up reasonably well; dalton's looked like it came out of a time capsule, nearly new. shame we didn't get a photo, but hey, there's next year at monk's (see post on other forum).

what i can't figure out is, why can't i snap my jacket shut any more?
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