the brown bottles

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the brown bottles

Postby Golfhobo » 25 Mar 2010 0927

How many guys here remember that tub or sink or wahtever back in the corner where a source of cold water, reputed to be from a spring that fed St. Mary`s lake, ran down on the brown bottles?

One of the most proud moments in my life was the time Fr. had me down one. Man gag, was that thick. I had been clued in and did know enough to drink it quick like a man.
I`d like to know for sure where that came from, at that time we were told it was from the dregs of the vat when they cleaned out a vat at the brewery of Drewery`s Beer made in South Bend and they gave it to Fr. who absolutely loved it. Story was that 2 of the boys from that family were ND grads and worked out at Fr. Lange`s and they kept him in suply. And at that time alcohol was anethema on Our Lady`s Campus.

I dont recall today what earned that for me, but it had to have been good because it was very special when Fr. let anybody have one.............Word was you down it like a man, put the bottle down and get yer butt going LOL
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Re: the brown bottles

Postby ironman » 26 Mar 2010 0927

i rememeber them, and the running water; oddly, i never got one. on the other hand, i remember the cabinet behind the desk, wherein fr lange kept bottles of wine, and i got two every year on or about april 30

my birthday

i never had to ask, or remind him; every year, like clockwork, i would get the call up to the desk, and he would assure me that he was coming in person this year to the party on corby street (see previous post) and the cupboard would open and out would come two bottles, one red, one white.

the things some people keep track of...
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Re: the brown bottles

Postby paulgill » 26 Mar 2010 0927

Face it, Kent, you and Mad Dog were his fairhaired boys. I guess he liked me because he gave me a $10 bill one day. Probably didn't have any wine left after giving you two bottles every year. I don't like wine anyway. I wish I had kept that $10 bill.

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Re: the brown bottles

Postby edfitzpatrick » 27 Mar 2010 0927

Well, Bill Moran and I bought him a cold six pack of Strohs in the spring of 1968 and when we handed it to him he jumped up from his desk, grabbed a glass out of his filing cabinet, hauled down to the sink, rinsed it out, zipped back, took a quick look around, then said the nurses at the infirmary wouldn't let him dring beer, so "pour it in there quick."

Paul, I never got any wine either. I just got a nice pat on the back and warm hand shake which I'm sure you, Ironman, Monk, Mad Dog, Jed, John and Murphy received as well and thought that there was no better honor one could receive than that.
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