Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

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Re: Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

Post by edfitzpatrick on 29 Jul 2010 0927

Sheb Wooley was also one of the bad guys trying to gun down Gary Cooper in High Noon. He was also the Principal of the Indiana high school in the movie Hoosiers.

Re: Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

Post by ironman on 29 Jul 2010 0927

..not too many takers, so i will give the answers, since this could be, as obama says, another teachable moment:

1. it means: you have been measured, and found wanting. this is what daniel the jewish prophet translated when the angel of the lord wrote it on the wall for balshazzar, king of babylon, before the medes and persians were just about to wipe his ass out entirely.
2. sheb wooley was in Rawhide with clint eastwod
3. superman's artist was also heavy into s&m, made a living with fetish cartoons. i thought jed ervin would get this one for sure.
4. it is the essence of god, whether jesus was of the same substance or just similar. the arians held that christ was just similar, and not of the same exact stuff as the Father, therefore less than the Father. betcha Rev. Al Sharpton is not up to speed on this.
5. paul is right
6. again
7. and yet again!
8. octavian, antony, lepidus
9. paul is right again again. also acceptable, "between a rock and a hard place."
10. this is the ultimate trivia question, and i will save it for another time.

bonus: jesus sent his disciples out barefoot and penniless to convert the jews. mohammed sent his disciples out armed, horsed and well financed to kill his opponents in Medina. now you tell me how pacifistic, really, the Koran is.

Re: Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

Post by ironman on 27 Jul 2010 0927

paul - since only you and ed and monk (sort of) ever take shots at these, i will announce publicly that you have gone four for four

pretty selective, but quite good

i am nearing the moment when i confer on you the title: Magister, Ars et Scientiae

stop me if you are not ready

Re: Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

Post by paulgill on 27 Jul 2010 0927


I have no idea about the other questions, but here are some answers:

5. Winston Binney (Granger, IN)
6. Michael Jordan never achieved elite status in any sport but BB. Jim Thorpe excelled in football, track and field, baseball, and probably tiddly winks.
7. Carl Sandberg
9. Sicily and Italy


Second Installment: Obtuse Cultural Reference Quiz

Post by ironman on 26 Jul 2010 0927

Ok, l told you all the walrus was paul, so here's some more quiztriviamegaculturalselectedobtusereference exam:

1. Tranlate this, danny boy: "Mene, mene, tekel upharsim."
2. Sheb Wooley had a 50s rock hit with "Purple People Eater"; in what 50s tv show did Wooley play a minor role?
3. Superman co-creator and illustrator Joe Shuster also made a nice living doing drawings of what?
4. Besides the spelling, what is the difference between homoousios and homoiousios and why does nobody give a sh*t any more?
5. Who was the first teenager to clean and jerk 400?
6. Why was Michael Jordan, contrary to ESPN voters, NOT the greatest athlete of all time?
7. Who called Chicago the "city of the broad shoulders"?
8. Name the second Triumvirate.
9. If i was between Scylla and Charybdis, where, exactly, would i be?
10. (if you get only this one right, you pass) In Dante's Inferno, hell is a concentric downward spiral. at the bottom, Satan is encased in a block of ice ; he has three faces, and in the mouth of each face he is devouring the three great traitors. Name them.

Bonus Question: What was the fundamental difference between the original disciples of Christ and the original disciples of Mohammed?