New Irish S&C Coach.

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Kristofer Kihn

Post by Kristofer Kihn on 24 Jul 2010 0927

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Post by charlieputh401 on 07 Jul 2010 0927

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Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by Daisy221 on 28 Jul 2010 0927

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Re: New Irish S&C Coach. Rome not built in a day

Post by slimjim on 22 Nov 2010 0927

rome, if i ever get back there i will be lucky, was not built in a day..

one term of strength and conditioning with new coach longo, even inspired by soc coach burgener, will not rebuild the rome we are hoping for as a team, especially the defense

the boys look better right out the gate, but are still not physically dominant yet; the 3-4 needs some real badasses in the middle, who can each repress the offensive surge, and we aren't getting that

now kyle rudolph looks pretty stout, except for the feet entanglement thing, however he goes down with the first tackle; i want to see the skinny cb that could take me down with the first hit..

oh, you mean that one? and that one over there?

Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by mg14 on 22 Aug 2010 0927

Longo and his asst. are great. SN, CJ, squat, deadlift, kettlebells. Old school- train hard, no radio. Story has it they talk regularly with a former ND champ that knows the iron pretty well. What happened at UC was no accident. It will be fun to see a game that the OL doesn't get.....well you guys covered that...

Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by geezerpower on 04 May 2010 0927

kiss blocking? is that what they were doing these past five years?

i assume this is true because we know what else they got with that kiss...

Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by monk on 01 Feb 2010 0927

Was on campus this noon, and went to the South Dining Hall. Wound up sitting next to a player. He said the main differences between Kelly and Weis is that Weis's assitant coaches seemed to be afraid of making a move unless it was pre-annointed by Pope Charles I. The guy also said that Longo is a great guy. What they are calling the period they are in, is "Camp Kelly." He said that both Kelly and Longo said: "I expect you guys to be in terrific shape for the start of Spring Practice -- and that still won't be good enough." Anotehr guy at the table said that Kelly told the offensive linemen: "No more kiss-blocking. When you block, you smack the other guy in the mouth." So far, I like what I hear.


Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by slimjim on 17 Jan 2010 0927

there was a reference on that "rumors were circling about how the strength program at nd was not getting players ready for the draft/based on poor numbers put up by nd athletes at the combine.."


Re: New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by paulgill on 17 Jan 2010 0927


I don't know much about Longo, but I understand he emphasizes Olympic lifts. That is key. Also, Mad Dog says he has a great reputation. It is amazing how strength and conditioning has evolved from "I don't want you lifting weights, it will make you muscle bound" in the 60s to where it is now recognized as a critical component of college football.


New Irish S&C Coach.

Post by tiburon on 16 Jan 2010 0927

Any thoughts on the hire of Paul Longo as ND strength and conditioning coach? Sounds like he is big on the Olympic lifts (says that 70-80% of time in the weight room should be on the platform), and that he loves the Strongman stuff. He had some tough, fit teams at Cincy. Great to have him aboard.